Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge Application

Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge is specially designed for solar system & wind power system. According the condition of applications, Solar Battery performs excellent when it is recharged in high ambient temperature, discharge in low ambient temperature. Solar Battery has good capacity retention under the poor recharging condition. Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge Application Advantage of Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge: 1.Low frequency Ring transformer, stable and lower self-consume. Combined solar controller and battery together. 2.With5VUSB charger, 12VDC lamp output,12VDC8Amp For DC big load. Digital display for AC output voltage and battery voltage. 3.Alarm for battery low ,overload ,short circuit and so on. With … Read more

Characteristics of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge

Use Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg can help achieve a smooth start-up of the vehicle, the power-assist drive will be smooth and natural. Electric power assist is with fast response and always consistent with the rider’s pedal action to achieve the effect of the torque boost. With multiple protection features such as stalled, over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, speed, lack of phase and so on to protect the safety of vehicle electronic control systems and traffic. Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge Advantage of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg: Professional technical, production & service team for your service. Stable Quality – Come from superior material … Read more

How to Use Oddity Battery

Oddity batteries are designed and produced against the relevant standard in JISC8702 and IEC60876-2. Oddity batteries with much thicker plates which have very special alloys and specific pastes inside. Long battery life, high capacity, Superior of recovery after discharge. Long Life Battery Pack Advantage of Oddity Battery: ABS material: Increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional). High purity raw material: Ensure low self discharge rate. Silver- coated copper terminals, brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity. Pb CaSn alloy for plate grids: Less gassing, less self-discharging high quality. Maintenance-Free Operation. Low Self-Discharge. CustomisedBattery pack with PCM Good performance … Read more

Doughnut Battery Application

The Doughnut Battery is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power. These batteries valve regulated, gelled electrolyte monobloc are designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. Doughnut Battery Advantage of Doughnut Battery: Safety: Safest battery, CE UL approved, built-in protection circuit board (BMS), no fire, no explosion. Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained. Long life cycle, > 2000 times deep cycle at 1C rate, 6-8 times of lead acid battery. No memory effect, highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity. Operation temperature: -20~65 C. Small size … Read more