Characteristics of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge

Use Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg can help achieve a smooth start-up of the vehicle, the power-assist drive will be smooth and natural. Electric power assist is with fast response and always consistent with the rider’s pedal action to achieve the effect of the torque boost. With multiple protection features such as stalled, over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, speed, lack of phase and so on to protect the safety of vehicle electronic control systems and traffic.

Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge

Advantage of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg:

  1. Professional technical, production & service team for your service.
  2. Stable Quality – Come from superior material supplier and perfect quality control system.
  3. Lower Cost – Not the cheapest but the lowest at the same quality.
  4. Good Service – Satisfactory service before and after sale.
  5. Delivery Time – 15~ 20 days.
  6. Long life, large capacity and good shock resistance. Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature.
  7. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability. Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention.
  8. Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage.
  9. Excellent large current discharge performance, and have obvious advantages in startup and climbing.
  10. High temperature performance.Environmental friendly. Lighter weight smaller size. Most safe no explosion no fire.
  11. Safe: The Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridgis more safe and reliable than the lead acid one. It does not explode or burn when bump, heavy stress, needle pricking, short circuit, overcharge and overheat.
  12. Environment-friendly: Accredited with CE, without any hazardous and noxious substances.
  13. Small in volume and light in weight: ThePolly Batteryis about 1/2 the volume and 1/3 the weight of the lead-acid battery.
  14. Steady performance: high power output, 1C continuous, 3C pulse for normal cells and 20 C for special design. low self-discharge rate, less than 3% monthly.
  15. Long cycle life: over 1000 cycles with capacity staying at 80% min.
  16. Lower average price: per year: the average price per year is less than the lead-acid battery.

Polly Battery

Specifications of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg:

Standard Voltage48V
Battery CellSamsung 35e Cells
Continuous Current35A
Charger54.6V-2A Aluminum Charger
Warranty2 Years
CertificationCe, RoHS, UL etc
Transport PackageStandard Export Packing.
SpecificationCE, ROHS
Production Capacity1000/Week
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Cash
TypePolly Battery
Connection ModeSeries and Parallel
Discharge RateMedium Discharge Rate
Accessories TypeMounting Rubbers.etc.
Rated Capacity14ah

 Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg application:

Widely applied in  Electric Bicycle, Electric vehicle, Electric Tricycle, Electric scooter, Electric golf trolley, Electric car, Electric wheelchairs,two wheel vehicles and etc.


Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg features:

1.Low sel-discharge rate,less than 3% per month.

2.Long life-cycle .

3.lighter weight, only 1/3 of Lead acid battery weight.

4.No memory effects and highly efficient charge.

5.Good performance at high temperature and resistance.

6.Environmental friendly.

7.Extremely safe and stable chemistry: PCB built inside to balance protect the battery .

Important Notice:

1.Do not use or charge the battery under high temperature.

2.Do not short-circuit the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of the battery.

3.Do not immerse the Long Life Polly Battery into water and acidity liquids, or allow it to get wet.

4.The battery should be sorted in a clean, dry circumstance.

5.Please charge the battery by using the special charger with correct voltage.

6.Do not let the Long Life Battery near fire.Do not disassemble the battery before get our permission.

7.The battery should be charged to full every 2-3 months while long time storing.

Long Life Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridg is the popular choice for users for its many advanced features. This battery systems are popular for their fast charging ability, high energy density, conversion efficiency, environment friendliness, high cycle times, good high temperature performance and many more useful features.