Doughnut Battery Application

The Doughnut Battery is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power. These batteries valve regulated, gelled electrolyte monobloc are designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

Doughnut Battery

Advantage of Doughnut Battery:

  1. Safety: Safest battery, CE UL approved, built-in protection circuit board (BMS), no fire, no explosion.
  2. Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained.
  3. Long life cycle, > 2000 times deep cycle at 1C rate, 6-8 times of lead acid battery.
  4. No memory effect, highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity.
  5. Operation temperature: -20~65 C.
  6. Small size and light weight: 1/2 size of lead acid battery, 70% size of Ni-MH Ni-CD battery, 1/2 weight of lead acid battery.
  7. Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance.
  8. Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly.
  9. The battery pack is full of power when it’s out of factory, no need to use liquid charge.
  10. No memory, no need to discharge battery use, suitable for circuit design.
  11. By high partition, adsorption and strong.
  12. There is no flowing liquid (poor liquid), does not leak acid and free Upside down,
  13. Comply with environmental requirements, ease of use,
  14. The use of lead-calcium alloys, Long LifeBatteryself-discharge is very low,
  15. Easy storage, less maintenance.
  16. Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for safe use.
  17. The protection board is simple in design.


Specifications of Doughnut Battery:

Remote ControlWithout Remote Control
CertificationCE, ISO, CCC
ColorPink, Blue, Brown, Yellow
Speed1 Speed
ApplicationIndustrial, Household
TimerWithout Timer
Payment TermsT/T, D/P, Paypal
Battery Capacity(mAh)900
Place of OriginChina
FeatureConstant Voltage
ColorsBlue Yellow Gray White

 Doughnut Battery Main Features:

1.Stable Quality & High Reliability. Sealed Construction. Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic.

2.Maintenance-Free Operation. Low Pressure Venting System. Low Self Discharge.

3.Output with high efficiency: Standard discharge current is 0.3C-0.8C, instant impulse discharge current is 10C for 10 seconds.

4.Good performance under low temperature.discharge capacity decreases to over 78% under 0°C and discharge capacity decreases to over 70% under -20°C.

5.Good safety performance:When the pressure inside the battery is too large, the one-way safety valve will release gas and heat to make sure Long Life battery pack perform well. When the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the valve will be open immediately which can protect the battery from burning and explosion.

6.Good cycle life time, the discharge capacity is still over 80% after 3000 cycle times of single cell(80%DOD).

7.It can fast charging. It could be charged to 80% within 20 minutes and charged full with 2-3h.

Long Life battery

Matters needing attention:

1.Please check if spare parts are completed when open the package and read the operation manual carefully.

2.Do not make the battery Short Circuit,do not over charge and discharge.

3.Please charge the new battery to full capacity before discharge for the first use.

4.The Long Life Doughnut Battery is fixed with plate and strip before delivery, do not disassemble the plate and strip when using the battery.

5.Checking the voltage of battery, normally it is 3.2V-3.3V.

6.Fix BMS for battery pack and protect single cell to avoid over charge and over-discharge.

7.Rivet or screw is used for battery connector.

Reduction of Energy Consumption and increase of Energy Efficiency is one of the most important keys for outdoor use application. Doughnut Battery can adapt to these requirements very well.