How to Use Oddity Battery

Oddity batteries are designed and produced against the relevant standard in JISC8702 and IEC60876-2. Oddity batteries with much thicker plates which have very special alloys and specific pastes inside. Long battery life, high capacity, Superior of recovery after discharge.

Long Life Battery Pack

Advantage of Oddity Battery:

  1. ABS material: Increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional).
  2. High purity raw material: Ensure low self discharge rate.
  3. Silver- coated copper terminals, brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity.
  4. Pb CaSn alloy for plate grids: Less gassing, less self-discharging high quality.
  5. Maintenance-Free Operation.
  6. Low Self-Discharge.
  7. CustomisedBattery pack with PCM
  8. Good performance in low temperature and Rapid charge-discharge cycle life
  9. Providebattery packwith standard cable
  10. High capacity, low inner resistance, long cycle life, low self-discharge ,Fast charge available.
  11. Stable capacity, steady discharge and high temperature discharge.
  12. Customised sizes, packs, tags, labels, plugs, connectors, over current protection, temperature control protection.
  13. Compared to lead acid battery, it is 4 time lighter in weight , and 4 time longer in lifespan.
  14. Compared to li ion battery, it is 2 time lighter in weight , and 2 time longer in lifespan.
  15. Compared to lithium ion square battery, it is 0.5 time lighter in weight , but much safer when using.
  16. Low cost. No pollution during manufacture and usage.
  17. Good performance under high temperature, it could work under 65°C temperature.The Long Life Battery structure is safe and good.


Specifications of Oddity Battery:

Model NumberOddity Battery
Battery Capacity(mAh)400mAh
size29.5 X 15.5 mm
Place of OriginChina
ColorBlack Grey Blue Red
Product nameOddity Battery
Thread510 Magnet Thread
FeaturePreheating Adjust Voltage
Use forCBD Vape Cartridge
Battery Capacity400mAh
Dimension29.5 X 15.5 mm
Supported resistance range0.3-2.6 Ω
Charging Current650 mAh

Oddity Battery Features:

  1. Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
  2. The electrolyte is gel like, immobile and does not leak, enabling uniform reaction of each part of the plate.
  3. High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology.
  4. Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range.
  5. Avoid acid mist being separated out, environment friendliness.
  6. Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically.
  7. Superior Deep Cycle Design with quite different design in plates.
  8. High Power Density .
  9. Thick Plates and High-density Active Material .
  10. Longer Life in Deep Cycle Applications .
  11. Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge .
  12.  The operating ambient temperature -40oC to +65oC.
  13. Sealed structure with reliable safety valve, no leakage and no acidic gas spillage .
  14. Good internal water cycling: based on the oxygen compound principle, little gas generated & little water depletion.
  15. Excellent discharge characteristics: low internal resistance, compact, excellent discharge performance.
  16. Low self-discharge: making of extremely good materials, good storage life.
  17.  Long life: making of special alloy, cycle life 50% longer than the equivalent MP general batteries.

Long Life Battery

Precautions for using Oddity Battery:

1.Please use constant-voltage charge.

2.In floating charge, the voltage is 2.23 to 2.27 per unit cell.

3.In cycle use, the voltage is 2.35 to 2.45 per unit cell, the max. Current is no more than 25%° C

4.Please do tighten the bolts to avoid sparkle and poor contact when the battery is in use.

5.Please do not use it near the heat source and open flame.

6.Please keep it at low temperature. Please change it while there is liquid leaking or damage.

Long Life Oddity Battery is designed for 10 years life. For this long life purpose, the plate are made by developed alloy which is more effectual for preventing corrosion.