Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge Application

Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge is specially designed for solar system & wind power system. According the condition of applications, Solar Battery performs excellent when it is recharged in high ambient temperature, discharge in low ambient temperature. Solar Battery has good capacity retention under the poor recharging condition.

Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge Application

Advantage of Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge:

1.Low frequency Ring transformer, stable and lower self-consume. Combined solar controller and battery together.

2.With5VUSB charger, 12VDC lamp output,12VDC8Amp For DC big load. Digital display for AC output voltage and battery voltage.

3.Alarm for battery low ,overload ,short circuit and so on. With AC, DC output switch and battery input switch.

4.With Extension Battery connector to extend backup time. AC/DC Grid Charger is option.

5.Excellent safety performance: No electrolyte leakage, battery swelling and cracking.

6.Excellent discharging performance: With smooth discharging voltage and mild discharging.

7.Good shock-proof performance: The fully charged and completely fixed battery, with 4mm amplitude and 16.7Hz frequency do have a normal open circuit voltage without leakage, batteries swelling or cracking problem after one-hour vibration.

8.Good impact-proof performance: The fully charged Long Life Solar Battery is proved to maintian normal open circuit voltage and be without leakage or batteries swelling or cracking after droping three times from 20cm height naturally to a 1 cm-thick hardwood board.

9.Good resistance to overdischarge: In temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the fully charged battery discharges with fixed resistance which is equivalent to the one required by 1 CA discharge of the battery for three weeks, and it can restore capacity over 75%.

10.Good resistance to overcharge: The fully charged battery is proved to maintian normal open circuit voltage and be without leakage or batteries swelling or cracking in temperature of 25 degrees Celsius after chargeing at 0.1 CA for 48 hours, and the capacity maintian over 95%.

11.Good resistance to high current: The fully charged Long Life Solar Battery& Fatty Cartridge is proved to be without conductive part melted or any appearance deformation after discharging at 2 CA for 5 minutes or 10 CA for 5 seconds.

Long Life Solar Battery

Specifications of Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge:

ColorBlack/ Ivory White
Working Temperature-15°c-40°c
SealingGlue Sealing
PlateFlat Plate
Battery CaseABS
Transport PackageCarton/ Pallet
Production Capacity600PCS/Day
Payment TermsL/C, T/T, Western Union
TypeSolar Battery
UsageUPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Solar
Nominal Voltage12V
Discharge RateLow Discharge Rate


Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge features:

  1. Positive plate: Thick high Sn low Ca grid minimize corrosion and prolong life.
  2. Negative plate: Balanced Pb-Ca grid for improved recombination efficiency.
  3. Separator: Advanced AGM separator for ultra low float current.
  4. Electrolyte: nano Silicon GEL electrolyte import from Evonik Degussa Germany.
  5. Battery container and cover: fire resistance ABS for higher temperature.
  6. Pillar seal: 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal.
  7. Relief valve : Complete with integrated flame arrestor.
  8. Itis designed specially for using under high and cold temperature sites.

Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge is designed specially to meet requirement of frequent cyclic and high temperature application such as board had, PVs etc. Long Life Battery use high quality separator and silica from Europe. And use special technology to fill acid firstly then after about 20 hours charge and discharge, fill out all acid then fill in silica separately to make sure each cell can get enough silica and complete penetration of electrolyte through separators and plates pastes from top to bottom.