Australia’s Case of Visiting Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge

Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridge, can be used in electric vehicle, E-bike, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-tools,, golf cart, fork lift, cleaning car , electric wheelchair, etc. Polly Battery & Fatty Cartridges are recognized as the most reliable and high quality battery system in the industry. They are designed with advanced patented GEL technology, Long service life designed with 15-20 years, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide. Australian customer visit Advantage of Polly Battery & Fatty Cartride: OEM&ODM manufacture, design any of special shape, dimension and other requirements battery . Good quality, … Read more

Indian Customer Visits Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge Case

Recently, we received customers from India. They needed a lot of Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge. At first they compared a number of companies online. After screening, we chose us. We also warmly received customers’ visits. Pleasant communication, and finally we reached a cooperation. Solar Battery use particular alloy and material technology design to ensure an excellent performance in various environments, especially high and low temp. Solar series batteries are optimal for storage and conversion of photovoltaic energy and wind energy. Indian customer visit Advantage of Solar Battery & Fatty Cartridge: Three years warranty at 35°C-40°C average. Able to operate at … Read more